Stage, Dancefloor & Bar

Dance Floor

No event is complete without entertainment, and the dance floor becomes a focal point for the evening. We hire two types of dance floor, both of which are interlocking and come complete with aluminium edging. The parquet dance floor works well with a rustic, vintage theme and is the first choice for weddings, while the black and white has a more contemporary feel and is great for parties. The dance floors are modular so we can provide a variety of sizes, and we can even calculate the size you need based on your guest numbers. A fitting service is available if required.


A stage is always a good addition if you’re having a band at your event; it will really add to that live show atmosphere and gives everyone a good view of the musicians. Our staging has a sturdy metal base, a black boarded top and valance around the edge. It comes in 8’ x 4’ sections so can be tailored to the size of the band. As a guide, you need about 3-4 feet of width for each band member, but always check with your band first especially if they have a drum kit or piano.


To keep the drinks flowing, we can supply bar units with plenty of storage for bottles and glasses. Our wooden bar is versatile and practical and sits comfortably in rustic country settings as well as in more formal surroundings. The front and rear sections are 5’ wide and are available as separate modular units. You can double up with 2 front sections to give you a 10’ wide bar, or maybe use one front section with one rear unit which includes optics shelves and extra storage for glasses.

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